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    The BEST dog breeds app for baby, young kid, adult or even old folk to learn!

    Learn the pronunciation of the lovely dog breeds' name for FREE! This DOG BREEDS app is the BEST collection for pet dogs lovers!

    DOGS always are the most popular pet animal among the human's society. Undeniable, dogs ( grown up dogs or dogs puppies) are so adorable and lovely. Dog can be your best "games partner", "security guard", "listener", "loyal friend", "soul partner" and so on.Dog lovers or animal lovers can enjoy their fun and happy time when they playing games with their lovely and cute dogs!

    However, there are so many types of dogs in the world. Do you know them well? This DOG BREEDS app can teach you dog breeds's name easily and FREE!
    This DOG BREEDS app can bring all animal lovers especially pet dog lovers closer to the adorable dogs' world.

    Dog breeds are usually categorized by the functional type from which the dog breed was developed. The basic types dog breeds are guard dogs, herding dogs, companion dogs, working dogs and hunting dogs even though there are so many other types and subtypes. Dog breeds listed in this DOG BREEDS app may be traditional breeds with long histories as registered and etc.

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