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    Dog psychologist and best-selling author Kevin "The Dog Prodigy" has helped housebreak thousands of dogs worldwide. Whether you own a young pup or a stubborn old dog, these potty training secrets will NOT FAIL you!

    You see, after nearly two decades of experience and research, Kevin found that there are 20 most common questions, concerns, and challenges dog owners face while trying to potty train their dogs. And they are ALL in here!

    What's even better is you basically get to see them all in a question and answer format.

    Here Are a Few Questions:

    - Why my dog doesn't let me know to go out?
    - How can I teach my dog to stop peeing/pooping inside the crate?
    - Which brands of food make dogs poo less?
    - How can I catch him in the act so I teach him that he's making a mistake?

    And 16 more questions you're dying to get your hands on.

    IMPORTANT: You will easily pay hundreds of dollars if you had to hire Mr. Salem himself to potty train your pooch for you. (Yes, he is very real and
    still offers his services worldwide. His award-winning website will prove this.)

    Now, You Have Four Choices:

    1. Really doubt what can you really learn with only 99 cents. (You'd actually be amazed.)

    2. Keep looking for other apps. Just don't forget to match Kevin's qualifications and good luck with that. Someone who is actually a real pro and a best selling author on the subject isn't easy to come by.

    3. Be your dog's slave and keep cleaning after it while wrinkling your nose.

    4. Give our app an honest chance. What can you gain and what can you lose?
    Not even a buck.

    Unlike most apps this one isn't a buck. But once that carpet's all ruined, the first letter of the "buck" may start with an F. And nobody wants that. Again, your choice, your nose, your carpet!

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