DozCalc performs basic calculations using base 12 notation with the characters ∂ for the ten numeral ("dek") and ε for the eleven numeral ("el"). Learn to use base 12 and its advantages for calculations involving thirds, sixths, and twelfths as well as compact representation of large numbers.

    Note: dozCalc does not do conversions between decimal and dozenal (base 12). It does everything in dozenal to encourage learning of base 12 numeration. If you want base conversions, this is not the right app for you.

    The calculator includes memory functions (Store and Recall), three levels of correction (C=Clear All, CE=Clear Error, <= clears last digit.) Multiply, divide, add, subtract and change sign.

    Accuracy is not guaranteed suitable for any particular purpose. This is intended only as an educational tool. Accuracy is believed to be comparable to an inexpensive four function decimal calculator.

    For introductory lessons in using dozCalc, follow the link in the About screen.

    No ads, no special permissions required. Just a slightly odd calculator. :)

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