Droidtism is a game to support and improve Joint Attention for persons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD).

    The first start could take a while because of setting up all images.

    When developing the app we focused on preschool-children with infantile ASD and applying the rules of
    Applied Behaviour Analysis (ABA).

    The app is a product of a master thesis which means that the game was scientifically tested with 9 autistic children and 34 neuro-typical children. The room for improvement and effectiveness were reviewed and confirmed.

    In addition Droidtism has the potential to be used as a diagnostic tool for Joint Attention.

    The app uses profiles for each user. It's possible to add custom reward images and point images to the user profile. Each profile is almost fully customizable.


    • 14 level, 6 free and fully testable. The rest can be unlocked via in-app purchase. These are the only restrictions.
    • User profiles
    • custom image rewardsets
    • custom image pointersets
    • Add images via camera or gallery
    • Custom soundeffects
    • Vibration on success via preferences
    • View all collected data
    • Export all data for further evaluation in Excel file fomrat or as XML-Structure.

    There are three different prices for inapp-purchase but there is no difference in content. It's up to you ;-)

    Permissions are used for licensecheck and inapp-purchase, Data-Export to sdcard and to set vibration on/off.

    What is Joint Attention?
    Joint attention is the shared focus of two individuals on an object. It is achieved when one individual alerts another to an object by means of eye-gazing, pointing or other verbal or non-verbal indications. An individual gazes at another individual, points to an object and then returns their gaze to the individual.

    Goal of the app is to sensibilize affected people for gestures and gazes of fellow men which helps in everyday life.

    The app can also help people with deficiencies and is not limited to people with ASD.


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