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    Mix up the music with the Dub-Cubs! In this Dub Cubs app, kids help the cubs make funky rhythms with words that rhyme. Pick the words that you want to hear in the music. Then, listen to the words play back with the music. Don't forget to click the records to mix in your own beats!
    The Dub Cubs app was designed to teach children about phonemic awareness. Phonemic awareness is the ability to hear, identify, and manipulate individual sounds—phonemes—in spoken words. Phonemic awareness is essential for a child's reading development and spelling ability. Using wordplay in songs, poems, and rhyme is a great way for kids to develop phonological awareness.
    The Between the Lions, Dub Cubs app was produced by WGBH and the producers of Between the Lions. Between the Lions is an award-winning PBS series designed to foster the literacy skills of its viewers, while playfully demonstrating the joys of reading. Unique among the hundreds of programs aimed at children, this puppet, animated, and live-action series is based on a detailed and rigorous literacy curriculum. The lively characters and delightful plotlines aim to give children the experiences they need to become successful readers.
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