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    Learning Italian with earworms mbt puts the words and phrases you need not just on the tip of your tongue, but also transports them deep into your long-term memory. Simply by listening to the rhythmic repetition of these specially composed melodies a few times the sound patterns become indelibly burned into your auditory cortex. Not only will you have successfully learned the phrase, but will also have the correct accent ringing in your ears!

    What Makes It So Effective?

    * Effortless, enjoyable and effective

    * 70 minutes of Audio

    * Stimulating and self-motivation through real rapid progress

    * No connection required

    * Pronunciation acquired automatically

    * Listen and learn, anytime anywhere

    * Integrated phrase book

    * Visit us at for more information.

    Wherever you are, whatever you’re doing, you can now be learning a new language at the same time! Think how much more productive jogging, driving, ironing or even having a bath could become! earworms mbt Rapid Languages is the first language course to get your toe tapping while you learn Italian.

    Music is the Key
    The idea is as simple as it is old. Before the age of writing, ancient historical events were recorded in verse and song form for easy memorisation. In his book 'Songlines', Bruce Chatwin describes how the Australian Aborigines were able to navigate their way across hundreds of miles of desert to their ancestral hunting grounds without maps. And how? The extensive lyrics of their traditional songs were exact descriptions of the routes!

    Rhythm and words i.e. song and verse have always been a very powerful memory aid, and this is supported by recent scientific research. The advertising industry knows only too well how powerful music can be in getting the message across with brainwashing-like jingles and soundbites.

    It really works!
    Developed and used over years in the classroom, earworms mbt Rapid Languages has shown phenomenal success. In tests pupils using this technique regularly get average marks of over 90 % compared to less than 50 % with conventional book based learning.

    The Rapid Languages series
    This volume deals with the essentials for your visit abroad. It looks at typical situations: taking a taxi, at the hotel, at the restaurant, making requests, polite phrases, finding your way, numbers, dealing with problems and so on.

    Rapid Italian Volume 2 will have you talking about yourself and others, past, present and future, likes and dislikes and general conversational items. The themes follow closely the Common European Framework for language learning a recognised benchmark of language proficiency and the emphasis is constantly on usefulness to the learner.

    Memory Hooks
    The accompanying booklet contains all the text on the App, both English and target language, plus the sounds of the words. An additional aid to learning 'memory hooks' and comments to assist your memorisation and understanding can be found on the website under 'Extras'. These complement the App and are really worth checking out. Memory hooks are for example, if you want to memorise the Italian term 'my name is' = 'mi chiamo', imagine 'my name is Micky Armo' - and you will never forget.

    How to use earworms: Don't think, just listen!
    Sit back, relax and groove along to the melodies without trying to listen too hard. Treat them as songs you hear on the radio. Our recommendation is that you familiarise yourself with the written words in the booklet - at least the first time you listen. After listening several times, playfully test yourself - cover up the English side of the phrase book and see how many words and phrases you remember!

    Joining our members area at gives you instant access to Free Resources such as Demo Tracks, Phrasebooks, Grammar Tips, Memory Hooks, Learning Cards, our 'Phrase a Day' program and much more.

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