Educational Acronyms

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    Are you baffled by the many acronyms in England’s primary education system? Are you too embarrassed to ask what they stand for? If the answer to these questions is ‘Yes!’ then this is just the app for you!

    Containing over 2000 educational acronyms in use in schools and academic institutions in England, this is the one-stop-app covering:

    *Early years and primary education
    *Academic journals
    *Children’s playgroups, clubs and child minding
    *Church schools
    *Government acts, bills, policies and guidance
    *Historical acronyms and, where available, their replacement
    *Independent schools
    *Inter-agency working
    *Learning theory
    *Religious organisations
    *School-based jargon
    *Special Educational Needs terms, support networks and websites for information
    *Subject associations

    Simply scroll through the list of acronyms or use the search function to find the acronym you want.
    Check out what the acronym stands for, and go to a website within the app if one is available.

    This is a must-have app for

    *trainee teachers
    *parent and staff governors
    *PTFA members
    *teachers and TAs in their first few years of working in England
    *teachers and TAs working with a child with challenging personal circumstances
    *teachers thinking of moving into headship or becoming a SENCo
    *teachers and TAs undertaking academic study
    *teachers and students studying the English education system from abroad