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    EducScore, is an utility for the education.
    It allows every pupil or student,by seizing his marks to obtain immediately all his school averages: by subject, by period (quarter, half-year) and for year.
    By incorporating or not coefficients. Languages : english and french.

    EducScore allows especially to settle and to follow an objective of average to be reached by subject.
    The appli calculates the mark to be obtained in the next duty to make a success of its objective and so progress.

    A little documentation is available here :

    - Universal: usable about is the level of current studies.
    - Express: in every seizure of mark, you see all your new averages.
    - Flexible: nothing is congealed, all the corrections (additions, retreats(withdrawals) can be made.
    - Usable infinitely: by a discount(delivery) for zero, EducScore is reusable every year.
    - Educational: EducScore is developed by a specialist of the methods of work.

    features for premium version :
    - Multi students
    - Backup and restore his grades and grade point averages in case of loss or change of mobile (Android only)
    - Import data from a free version previously installed
    - Mode 'simulation', which when pressed will add 'false' marks (useful for assessing whether it can achieve its objectives eg)
    - Viewing marks or medium in the form of graph

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