EduGeek is the mobile app for IT professionals everywhere giving users access to one of the largest and friendliest free technical support sites on the net, . You can search and post questions quickly allowing you to get the answers to urgent questions no matter where you are.

    If you have any problems please contact us at

    This app will require certain permissions to function, below are some of the permissions and why the app needs them:

    Full Internet Access:
    Internet access is naturally needed to access EduGeek's site and view the latest posts.

    Your Accounts:
    This is used for the upcoming push notifications features using the Google own push service. This does not read your Google accounts, more an ID to allow us to send you push alerts.

    Read phone state and identity:
    "Read phone state" allows the app to know when a phone call is coming in. That way, the app can pause any activity and let you answer the call. Although we dont use your identity Google has bundled the two permissions together.

    Modify/delete USB and SD card contents:
    This is to allow you to save attachments or pictures from the site.

    Prevent device from sleeping:
    This allows EduGeek to *wake* your device when a new notification appears such as a new pm or thread reply. This is configurable in the app's settings.

    Control vibration:
    This gives the app permission to vibrate and alert you to new notifications.

    View network & Wifi state:
    Because EduGeek requires a network connection, this permission allows the app to test the connection and alert you to any connection problems.

    Run at startup:
    This allows the app to resume monitoring for new notifications when you reboot your phone without having the manually run the app.

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