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    No more sloppy spelling ei- or ij errors when you spell nouns, verbs, adverbs or other words in the Dutch language. As ei and ij sound exactly the same when you pronounce a Dutch written word, a spelling error in your texts is easily made. This is embarrassing and looks unprofessional. Quickly check the correct spelling of every Dutch word with ei or ij on your mobile.

    Your Dutch spelling checker might help, but not when there are two words in Dutch, one with 'ei' and one with 'ij', which mean different things. As an example, peiler (someone who gauges or measures) and pijler (pillar), are both correctly spelled Dutch words.
    This app helps you thoroughly understand the Dutch spelling of all words containing 'ei' and 'ij' and more confidently use them in your written Dutch.
    An essential app if you are learning the spelling and pronounciation of the Dutch language, whether at school, on a course or self study. Helping you to write correctly spelled letters, mails and other texts in Dutch.

    Test your knowledge of words with the 'ei' and 'ij' sound in the Dutch language, with the unique quiz mode.

    You can enter one word or paste an entire sentence. This app will detect every word with 'ei' or 'ij' and provide you spelling advice, together with a description of the Dutch word and possible variant which sounds the same. This helps you to choose the correct spelling, matching your sentence.
    Using built in Dutch grammar rules, this app can handle ei and ij in (very) long Dutch words and determine the appropriate, smaller, word you need to make the right spelling choice.

    The built in list of 7,000 Dutch words, including rare, historic and geographic ones, helps you to check the spelling of any sentence you will encounter. And this app does not need an internet connection to help you improve your spelling of Dutch words with the tricky 'ei' or 'ij' sound.

    If you miss any word in this app or you encounter any diffculty, feel free to mail us:
    You mail will always be answered. This is a faster way of improving this app than reviews.

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