Electrical Engg. Pack Tablet

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    Electrical Engineering Pack consists of 39 Electrical Calculators and 16 Electrical Converters. A complete guide for Electrical Engineers, Technicians and Students.

    Electrical Calculator contains 39 Calculators, that can quickly and easily calculate different electrical parameters. Automatic Calculations and Conversions with every Unit and Value Changes.

    Electrical Calculator List:

    • Ohms Law Calculator
    • Voltage Calculator
    • Current Calculator
    • Resistance Calculator
    • Power Calculator

    • Single Phase Power Calculator
    • Three Phase Power Calculator
    • Single Phase Current Calculator
    • Three Phase Current Calculator
    • DC HorsePower Calculator
    • Single Phase HorsePower Calculator
    • Three Phase HorsePower Calculator
    • DC Current (HP) Calculator
    • Single Phase Current (HP) Calculator
    • Three Phase Current (HP) Calculator
    • Efficiency (DC) Calculator
    • Efficiency (Single Phase) Calculator
    • Efficiency (Three Phase) Calculator
    • Power Factor (Single Phase) Calculator
    • Power Factor (Three Phase) Calculator

    • Light Calculation
    • Luminous Intensity Calculator
    • Luminous Flux Calculator
    • Solid Angle Calculator

    • Energy Cost Calculator

    • Energy Storage Calculator
    • Resistance
    • Inductance
    • Capacitance

    • Star to Delta Conversion
    • Delta to Star Conversion
    • Inductive Reactance Calculator
    • Capacitive Reactance Calculator
    • Resonant Frequency Calculator
    • Inductor Sizing Equation
    • Capcitor Sizing Equation
    • Resistance (Series) Calculator
    • Resistance (Parallel) Calculator
    • Inductance (Series) Calculator
    • Inductance (Parallel) Calculator
    • Capacitance (Series) Calculator
    • Capacitance (Parallel) Calculator

    Electrical Converter is a conversion calculator that can quickly and easy translate different electrical units of measure. It consists of 16 Categories with 173 Units and 2162 Conversions.

    List of Electrical Converters:

    • Field Strength
    • Electric Potential
    • Resistance
    • Resistivity
    • Conductance
    • Conductivity
    • Capacitance
    • Inductance
    • Charge
    • Linear Charge Density
    • Surface Charge Density
    • Volume Charge Density
    • Current
    • Linear Current Density
    • Surface Current Density
    • Power

    Key Features:
    • Professionally and Newly designed user-interface that speeds up Data Entry, Easy Viewing and Calculation Speed.
    • Multiple options for calculating each values.
    • Automatic calculation of the output with respect to changes in the Input/Options/Units.
    • Multiple Units are provided for each parameters for conversion purpose.
    • Formulas are provided for each calculator.
    • Extremely Accurate Calculators.
    • Exponential values and values of higher order can also be converted.

    A Complete Electrical Guide

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    perry farmer

    by perry farmer

    Mar 22, 2013  |  "Great"

    But needs to be able to select megawatts in addition to kilowatts which is availsble now. Also copy and paste would be handy between calculstors snd converters.