Electricity & Magnetism

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    This application contains 20 of the most commonly used formulas pertaining to Electricity and Magnetism. It is a calculator which means that it is capable of solving for each variable in all 20 formulas. The user simply plugs in the known variables in the formula and this app will solve the equation for the missing variable making it much more useful than a basic reference app which can only list the formulas.

    Perfect for physics students in high school and college level courses.

    Perfect for Homework!

    Formulas Included:
    -Coulomb's Law (Force)
    -Coulomb's Law (Potential Energy)
    -Potential Energy (Point Charge)
    -Electric Field
    -Potential Energy (Capacitor)
    -Resistance of a Wire
    -Ohm's Law
    -Electric Power
    -Force of Magnetic Field on Moving Charge
    -Force (Wire)
    -Magnetic Field Around Wire
    -Magnetic Flux
    -Induced Voltage
    -And More...

    If you are interested in having a calculator that covers all topics in physics and not only Electricity and Magnetism, Physics Formula Calculator is also available. It contains all of the formulas included in this app and formulas ranging from newtonian mechanics, waves and optics, fluid mechanics, thermal physics, and atomic and nuclear physics!

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