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    Electron Config Lite is a free version of our EC Pro app. It is an electron configurations tool designed to predict electron configuration of all elements in the periodic table. It was designed with the student in mind, but can be a useful reference for a professional scientist. However, be sure to check out the Pro version as it has no limitations that are found in this free one.

    Electron Config Lite features:

    - An electron configurations calculator engine which incorporates the Aufbau principle and all rules therein.
    - A list of all elements from the periodic table including their electron configurations for a maximum of 5 oxidation states.
    - A large number of orbital animations.
    - A theory quiz which currently has 80 multiple-choice questions that are served randomly.
    - A brief theoretical summary relating to the electron configurations only.

    Electron Config Pro features:
    - All the same as above but with:
    - No limitations
    - No ads
    - Complete theoretical summary (8000 words on 10 pages of text)
    - Electron Config exercises (unlimited, random generated)

    On the other hand, if you just want the engine to solve electron configurations without limitations, then we also have a small app called Electron Config Engine - feel free to check it out.

    We will continue updating the app as required.

    Special permissions are only required to serve the ads.

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