Electronics Engineer Ultimate Review




    Review anytime and anywhere, practice with over 8,000 questions to help you prepare for Electronics Engineering Licensure Exam and Electronics Technician Licensure Exam.

    Our goal is to provide an effective, and convenient way for students to maximize their learning and get better results for their exams.

    Efficient and quick feedback interactive quiz. Choose from 20 to 100 max question per set per topic you want to focus.

    Challenge yourself and familiarize with different questions and problems. It has three quiz modes;
    Normal Mode - answer a set of questions without time limit.
    Timed Mode - answer set of questions with time pressure.
    Vitali-3 - accumulate your scores by preventing three mistakes.

    Choose from 6 (six) available app color-themes; Light, Dark, Yellow, Pink, Blue, and Orange!

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