eLocker 3 for Studywiz




    Studywiz Mobile eLocker 3 provides access for authenticated users to their personal Studywiz eLocker content and Shared eLocker content.

    Using Studywiz Mobile eLocker 3, you can store and distribute files that were created on your computer, or Android device. With Studywiz Mobile eLocker 3, you can manage your files and also share content with other users, rate and tag eLocker items, and discuss items using text comments. You can create any number of shared eLockers for use by teams of students for quick, simple sharing, collaborating and peer review.

    Studywiz Mobile eLocker 3 also lets you capture images, audio and video on your device, or choose files from your devices gallery, and share them immediately with other users in a safe and secure environment. You can share content using either the app itself, or the Studywiz web interface. Files you add to your eLocker while you’re offline can be uploaded when an internet connection is re-established.

    Studywiz Mobile eLocker 3 is the perfect way to access your learning resources, carry your important files everywhere you go, and capture your own content and share it with teachers and students.

    The following file types are supported:
    - images
    - audio
    - text notes
    - movies
    - pdf
    - html
    - Word, Excel, Powerpoint
    Other file types are supported if your Android device has an application to open them.

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