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    Ectaco English-Armenian FlashCards comprises four linguistic games - Linguistic FlashCards, Pockets, Spell-It-Right, Translation Test - and an additional section called Learning Settings, which enables you to create new sets of user entries for the games mentioned here. All four games share a single database, so you'll build up you vocabulary in four ways for even better memorization. The database contains enough words for everyday conversations while travelling abroad or talking to a foreign friend. Words are grouped by subject:
    General, Business, Law, Medicine, Telecommunication and computers. Each group contains a large number of sets.

    Adding a picture can help you remember the word. For, example, take a photo of your favorite pet or an indoor plant and attach it to a card for substance memorization of the respective word and its translation.

    Another important feature of this application is the availability of human voice recording for words and their translations.

    Let's walk through the components to give you a better idea of what you can do with this app.

    Linguistic FlashCards

    The face of a card shows the source word translation or definition, and the reverse side shows the source word. The player browses the cards and, whenever necessary, uses a hint.

    The goal is to learn all the cards in the set.


    This is a traditional game targeting in-depth word learning. In this game, the same cards as those used in the FlashCards game are divided into 4 groups (4 pockets). At the beginning of the game all cards are located in the first pocket. You turn the cards one by one and, if you know the hidden word, put the card in the second pocket. Keep browsing until all the cards from the first pocket are moved to the second pocket.

    At the second stage you move the cards to the third pocket and, again, if you know the hidden word, put the card in the next pocket. The game continues until all cards are moved to the fourth pocket and memorized. You will direct most of your effort at learning difficult words, while simple words will shortly jump to the fourth pocket.


    In this game the focus is on the correct spelling of words. The program displays the cards one by one with the target word hidden. This game is similar to FlashCards, but this time you should type the word yourself. As in all other games, you can view the target word at any time.

    Translation Test

    In this game you should choose the word which best corresponds to the given description. You will be offered four choices, and you should select the correct one. If your choice is incorrect, you will be prompted to answer the given question later.

    Learning Settings

    This component enables you to create new sets of user entries. The database created can be used in Linguistic FlashCards, Pockets, Spell-It-Right, and Translation Test. Use this section to add your own words with their translations and corresponding pictures.

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