English Grammar Practice

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    All the grammar you need to pass English exams such as IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC and the Cambridge English tests.

    More than 60 grammar topics.
    Each topic has an explanation.
    Each topic has a practice test.
    More than 600 test questions.
    The grammar topics are linked to CEFR levels (A2, B1, B2)
    Scoring system
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    Elementary topics:

    Adverbial phrases
    to be
    Can / could
    Comparative adjectives
    First Conditional
    Going to
    Have to
    here, there
    How questions
    Imperative forms
    like + -ing
    Past continuous
    Past simple
    Personal pronouns
    Phrasal verbs (inseparable)
    Phrasal verbs (separable)
    Possessive 's
    Present continuous
    Present continuous for future
    Present perfect
    Present Simple
    Should / ought to
    Some / any / much / many
    Subject & object questions
    this / that / these
    Uncountable nouns
    Will / won't
    Zero conditional
    was / were
    Would like vs like

    Intermediate topics:

    Adverbs - describing verbs
    Alternative comparison
    Both, either and neither
    Conditional, 2nd
    Conditional, 3rd
    Connecting words
    Embedded questions
    Future Continuous
    Gerunds & infinitives
    So, such, too, enough
    May, might + adverbs of probability
    Modals for Recommendations
    Modals for Present Deduction
    Prepositions of place
    Prepositions of time
    Present Perfect Continuous
    Present Perfect vs Past Simple
    Past Perfect
    Question Tags

    Advanced Topics:

    Future perfect
    Future perfect continuous
    Modals for Past Deduction
    Mixed conditionals
    Relative clauses (defining)
    Relative clauses (non-defining)
    Past perfect continous
    Reported Speech
    will / going to (prediction)
    Should have
    used to / would
    wish / if only

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