English Transport Vocabulary




    This English application will teach you the correct English pronunciation of vocabulary used for transport.
    Every English word is spoken by a native English speaker in the English language and by a native Thai speaker in the Thai language.
    All words have pictures and every word is written in Thai and English Language.
    To learn English and speak English well you must learn nouns and verbs. A noun is the name of something, someone or somewhere. Eg book. A verb is an action word. Eg run. This application will teach you nouns – transport.
    This is the 17th lesson in the ‘English for Thais’ free English course. If you cannot read, please learn lessons 1- 6 before starting this English vocabulary lesson.
    When you can read every English word correctly you are ready for the next lesson in the course.
    Learning English using the correct method of phonics is very important so you can apply the rules to any unknown word. If you learn to read incorrectly, you will not be able to read new words without pictures.
    Learning correctly may take longer but you will be much better off in the long term.
    This course is free but to help pay for the cost of development, we have had to put a small amount of advertising on the apps. Sorry for any inconvenience.
    This English course is for people who are serious about learning English.



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