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EPPP Practice Test Questions

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    EPPP Practice Test Questions

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    ***For a more comprehensive set of flash cards at a great price, consider our EPPP Flash Cards app, which covers multiple content areas***

    NOTE: If you've already purchased StudyPsych's EPPP Flash Cards, do not purchase this app, as it includes the same exact information.

    This study set includes 1,000 PRACTICE EPPP TEST QUESTIONS (split into 5 decks of 200 questions) in question and answer format (not multiple-choice), which leads to better retention of the material.

    StudyPsych is the premier delivery system of psychology study materials for mobile devices, offering users an easy and effective way of studying the myriad psychological subjects offered. StudyPsych Flash Cards have been successfully used by:

    - Psychologists studying for the EPPP
    - Graduate students studying for their Comprehensive Exam
    - Students taking courses in any of the included subject areas

    The StudyPsych delivery system was designed by a psychologist with the purpose of providing students of psychology high quality study materials at an affordable price. Users of these flash cards are provided with multiple study options, including:

    - Two smart study modes that automatically focus more on the cards you miss: “Leitner (Short-term Goal)” and a more advanced “Spaced Repetition” mode

    - Built in searchable "dictionary" of your cards that allows you to easily look up terminology while you are studying

    - 3 response levels: I Don’t Know, I Know, I Know Well (compared to the standard “right/wrong”)

    - FREE access to single-sided and double-sided printable PDF files of all of the flash cards, for those who would prefer that study modality

    - Easy navigation– swipe or tap to answer (customizable)

    - Incredible support! I make it a point to respond to all questions and feedback as soon as possible, whether it is about the flash cards, examinations, or psychology in general

    This app does not require a network connection, so you can study whenever you want from wherever you are at!