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    EuclidesTrig covers basic topics of Trigonometry that are usually used in the school. This app has all the important formulas and concepts covered to help the student on learning of trigonometry
    This content is organized into following groups:

    -Trigonometric angle: Definition, angles in standar position, systems of measuring angles(sexagesimal, centesimal, circular), length of a circular arc, area of a circular sector.

    -Trigonometric functions for right triangles: Sine, cosine, tangent, cotangent, secant, cosecant, Pythagoras' theorem, reciprocal trigonometric functions, complementary angles, special triangles(30°-60°, 45°-45°,37°-53°), right triangle resolution, angles of elevation and depression.

    -Angles in rectangular coordinate system: Cartesian plane, angles in standar position, trigonometric functions of angles in standar position, trigonometric reduction formulas, trigonometric circle, trigonometric functions using trigonometric circle.

    -Trigonometric identities: Pythagorean identities, reciprocal identities, even-odd identities, cofunction identities, sum and difference identities, double angle identities, triple angle identities,
    half angle formulas, sum to product formulas, product to sum formulas, trigonometric limits.

    -Inverse Trigonometric Functions: inverse sine, inverse cosine, inverse tangent, inverse cotangent, inverse secant, inverse cosecant, properties of inverse trigonometric functions, complementary angles, negative argument, reciprocal arguments.

    -Solving Triangles: the law of sines, the law of cosines, the law of tangents, the law of cotangents, the law of projections, half angle formulas, Mollweide's formula, interior angle bisector, exterior angle bisector, medians of a triangle.

    -Areas using trigonometric functions: area of a triangle, Heron's formula, area of a quadrilateral.

    -Rectangular Coordinate System: coordinate plane,distance between two points, midpoint formula,
    conic section: line, angle bewteen two line, distance from a point to a line, circle, parabola, ellipse, hyperbola.