Europe Map Toast




    Quiz of map and the national flag: Europe Map Toast

    Do not think you want to go to Europe at least once?
    France, Britain, Germany, Italy ....
    There are various countries.

    But, I do not know well those are in which area, actually.
    Europe is wide.
    There may be a country you will want to go elsewhere.

    Well, a little bit, let's study.

    Do not worry.
    Cheese toast baked lightly, and put Europe...
    You can master the blank map fun!

    Europe map becomes the 3 quiz.
    You just pick it.

    You remember the countries of Europe by play with ease.
    You can challenge the region of north, south, east and west, there is also a national flag quiz.
    You will be Europe Master in no time.

    The place name of Europe on TV or books,
    you should feel like the neighborhood at all.

    Come on, learning Europe today, and let's go to the Europe to enjoy as soon as possible!

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