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    As a student in school, your important thing is to study and pass the exam. Are you nervous and have exam stress at the turn of the coming of final exam? Do you feel lost in plentiful exercises tactics? Or do you often feel that the time is so tight and you may not finish your test? Today, this free app Exam Helper Pro may help you out.

    No matter what exam you are going to take, you have to have a training ahead. Exam Helper Pro is a convenient app to be used in a exam preparation or even on your practice. This tool will aid you aware of the time taken during the practice. You can adjust the upper limits under which the remaining time will be warned to you. You can take full use your exam time and time is no more tight for you!!!

    You just touch a time setting display to adjust the time setting at any time before starting a try. You can set a PREPARATION TIME and KEEPING DURATION as you wish.

    You can take a breath in PREPARATION TIME and start your testing until the KEEPING DURATION time is out.

    For more settings, you can go to SETTING to choose screen on or not. You can choose a mode from AIRPLANE MODE and SILENT MODE. In order to know exactly time status, you can MAXIMIZE CHIME VOLUME.

    Exam Helper Pro is a useful digital control timer that is responsive and accurate. You can also use it for any timed event, including timing your speech time, cooking your breakfast eggs and waiting for your land arrival on plane!

    Download Exam Helper Pro now for free!!

    How to manage your text anxiety?
    Test anxiety can also be labeled as "anticipatory anxiety", "situational anxiety" or "evaluation anxiety" if the anxiety is occurring when preparing for a test or while taking a test.

    Be prepared- study in advance.
    Be organized- organize your material that you will be tested on.
    Develop good test taking skills- read the questions thoroughly, answers the simple ones first and then go back to complete the more difficult ones.
    Stay focused- concentrate on the test, not the other students around you.
    Relax- practice relaxation techniques.
    Stay Healthy- get enough sleep the night before, eat healthy, and exercise.
    Try not to think about the fear- remember to relax and breathe.