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    This is truly a gift from God that so many people can make use of this app in many different languages! No matter what our circumstances, the Bible contains the direction and counsel that we need. Read it daily.

    This app support 5 style of widgets.
    - Smart version.
    - Transparent version.
    - Light version.
    - Dark version.
    - Colorful version.

    This application can support 4 different language on your mobile screen. It will change into new scripture everyday. This application will really help to your language study.

    Let's memory whole scriptures!!

    This is good advice for your mobile phone.
    - Maybe you do not boast your smart mobile phone because your friends can't have difficult buy smart phone.
    - Maybe you do not boast these applications but these applications are really good and are useful applications.
    - Paper book is better than these applications because paper book help your personal bible study with your pen.
    - You will the develop a routine to check today's text. It can help your memory when field service or talk about something.
    - Let's turn on our mobile phones and Let's turn off our mobile phones's volume when on the congregation meeting!

    ✔ Currently supported languages are 75 Language :
    English - English
    Afrikaans - Afrikaans
    Albanian - Shqip
    Arabic - العربية
    Armenian - Հայերեն
    Bicol - Bicol
    Bulgarian - български
    Cebuano - Cebuano
    Chinese (Simplified) - 汉语(简化字)
    Chinese (Traditional) - 漢語(繁體字)
    Croatian - Hrvatski
    Czech - Česky
    Danish - Dansk
    Dutch - Nederlands
    Efik - Efịk
    Estonian - Eesti
    Ewe - Ewe
    Finnish - Suomi
    French - Français
    Ga - Ga
    Georgian - ქართული
    German - Deutsch
    Greek - Ελληνική
    Guarani - Guaraní
    Haitian Creole - Kreyòl ayisyen
    Hiligaynon - Hiligaynon
    Hungarian - Magyar
    Iceland - íslenska
    Igbo - Igbo
    Iloko - Iloko
    Indonesian - Bahasa Indonesia
    Italian - Italiano
    Japanese - 日本語
    Kinyarwanda - Ikinyarwanda
    Kirghiz - кыргыз
    Kongo - Kikongo
    Korean - 한국어
    Kwangali - Rukwangali
    Kwanyama - Oshikwanyama
    Lingala - Lingala
    Lithuanian - Lietuvių
    Luvale - Luvale
    Malagasy - Malagasy
    Maltese - Malti
    Ndebele - IsiNdebele
    Ndonga - Ndonga
    Norwegian - Norsk
    Oromo - Oromoo
    Pangasinan - Pangasinan
    Polish - Polski
    Portuguese - Português
    Romanian - Română
    Russian - Русский
    Sepedi - Sepedi
    Serbian - српски
    Sesotho - Sesotho
    Seychelles Creole - Kreol Seselwa
    Shona - Shona
    Slovak - Slovenčina
    Slovenian - slovenščina
    Solomon Islands Pidgin - Solomon Islands Pidgin
    Spanish - Español
    Swahili - Kiswahili
    Swedish - Svenska
    Tagalog - Tagalog
    Tok Pisin - Tok Pisin
    Tsonga - Xitsonga
    Tswana - Setswana
    Turkish - Türkçe
    Twi - Twi
    Ukrainian - українська
    Waray-Waray - Waray-Waray
    Xhosa - IsiXhosa
    Yoruba - Yorùbá
    Zulu - Zulu

    Thank you to those who translate!

    ✔ This app is very convenient if you don't happen to have your copy of "Examining the Scriptures Daily" with you at work, school, etc... Since you always have your Android phone with you, you can now keep day's text right by your side. With support for multiple languages, people from many different lands can read the daily text from within one app. You can use this App in your life, car, bus, train, subway, ship, airplane, on the street, on the field service, at school, at work place, anywhere, anytime!

    *** Please note ***
    The money earned will be used for only purchasing and maintaining strong servers. We have a lot of servers.

    If you have recently updated the application and are now receiving an error, please delete the App and redownload and reinstall it. Then this should resolve any errors.

    "This good news of the kingdom will be preached in all the inhabited earth for a witness to all the nations. And then the end will come." - Matthew 24:14. -

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