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    Excelegrade is the best way to save time on grading, capture data, and engage students without compromising the rigor of instruction. Excelegrade's Student App allows students to take any summative or formative assessment (e.g. quizzes, tests, warm-ups, homework, exit tickets, benchmarks, etc.) on their tablet or smartphone.

    Unlike many other mobile assessment apps, Excelegrade allows teachers to give assessments with both free response and multiple choice questions and allows students to show their work for both free response and multiple choice questions by writing with either their finger or stylus or by typing using the mobile device's keyboard.

    Multiple choice questions are automatically graded for teachers and free response questions are organized so that the teacher can grade them efficiently and/or grant partial credit. The teacher is able to see student performance in real-time.

    Excelegrade's Student App also allows students to see their grade for every assignment administered on the app along with a question by question analysis of how they did. In addition, students can see their mastery for each standard that the teacher has covered. With Excelegrade's Student App teachers save time because they do not have to grade multiple choice and their mastery tracker, which shows student performance for each Common Core standard, is automatically populated.

    The Excelegrade Student App is a part of the larger Excelegrade platform that includes the following:

    ✓Common Core aligned question bank to design standards-based assessments
    ✓Questions can be free response or multiple choice and teachers determine the point value
    ✓Test administration on tablets, laptops, smart phones, or paper
    ✓Works with on any device with a web browser.
    ✓Automatic grading of multiple choice questions and more efficient grading of free response questions
    ✓Standards-based mastery tracker with the ability to view data in different formats
    ✓Reports for teachers, administrators, students, and parents

    To get started with this app, teachers can create a free account at After signing up, create a class, and an assessment from our bank of thousands of Common Core questions. If you have questions, contact us at If you are a school or a district interested in using Excelegrade for all of your students, contact us at