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    Get “Eye Shadow” Tutorials app and find out how to make your eyes stand out! Watch video tutorials on applying eye shadow and learn how to create lots of amazing makeup looks!
    - Video tutorials on enhancing your eyes for every occasion: glitter for parties, romantic and seductive for a date, natural for every day and more!
    - Bright and colorful looks for summer!
    - Lots of tips for flawless eye makeup!
    - Video tutorials for teens- cute and school appropriate!
    Eye products falls into two separate categories: 1. Products that are used for lengthening, thickening or coloring lashes or eyebrows.
    Mascara can be bought in cake, cream or liquid form. The oldest type, cake mascara, is applied with a brush and water, and although it does have some degree of water resistance, it will almost invariably smear when wet. Cream one comes in a tube and is applied with a brush. It is wonderfully effective in giving lashes a glamorous thickness, but it is not as popular as liquid one. Liquid one usually comes in a container with its own wand or applicator. You can buy regular, water-resistant or waterproof one. The degree to which the product is waterproof pretty much depends on how much, if any, water is in the formula. Some of them advertise that they give the appearance of thicker and longer lashes.
    Eyebrows can take the form of pressed cake, cream or pencil. The cake and cream are applied with a brush. The extruded pencil is probably the most common method of adding color to the eyebrows. It is harder than the pencil or crayon used to shadow or line them and is meant specifically for application to the brow. 2. Products designed to add color to the eyelid or skin around the eye. These include:
    Eyeshadow can be bought as a cream, stick, liquid, crayon, powder or pressed cake. The pressed cake is very popular and can be applied either wet or dry. It often comes with an applicator with two sponge ends. The rounded end is used for application. The pointed end is used to smudge the shadow. Sticks usually look like a tube of lipstick. When they are smoothed over the lid, they leave a layer of wax-enmeshed color behind. Crayons are among the newest additions to the cosmetic world. Resembling a child’s crayon, they come in a whole range of colors and are usually the softest of the pencils. Eyeshadow creams can be applied with the fingers. Their high oil content often makes them a favorite with women with dry or aging skin.
    While it is frequently used to shade or ‘shadow’ the eyes, it is also used to lighten, brighten, and make eyes appear larger. Many different types of enhancements can be achieved through different uses of color, shading, and blending techniques.
    Many popular shadows come in powdered form and contain talc, but there are also cream and liquid shadows. Cream shadows should be used above the crease of the eye and are not recommended for the area below the eye, as they can develop a crepe-like texture, adding years to the appearance of the eyes. Liquid eyeshadow creates a ‘wet’ or shimmering appearance and both cream and liquid shadows work well as a base for powdered shadow.
    Liners can be bought in liquid, cream, pencil or pressed cake. Liquid ones were originally oil-in-water formulations and had a tendency to smear when wet. The newer ones, however, have added several ingredients to help produce a more nearly waterproof product. Pressed cake liner is applied with a brush and water. Liner pencils are softer than brow pencils and thinner than the crayons. They come in a wide assortment of colors and lengths.
    Concealer is used to create an even skin tone. It is tinted in various pale shades and comes in cream, powder, cake or stick.

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