*** This application requires a Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc. membership, which you get through your school district.

    Are you maximizing your children’s full potential? Neuroscientists confirm that reading has a massive impact on brain function and can dramatically improve understanding in nearly all school subjects. You and your child will delight with an entire library of beautifully written and illustrated eBooks and over 230 educational games to read and play together. You’ll laugh and learn as the stories come to life with animations and music. Written by master teachers and famous children’s book authors, the eBooks are based upon the most essential vocabulary words that a child in pre-K through 3rd grade needs in order to develop a powerful reading and writing vocabulary.

    With our eBooks and games available in English and Spanish, Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc. is the most flexible bilingual program around. With audio support, clear and simple instructions and checks for understanding, Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc. is ideally suited to meet the needs of English Language Learning (ELL) students.

    Your child will become a confident reader by improving reading comprehension skills. Innovative features include the following:
    • Research-based academic words needed for school
    • Auditory support and rhyming to help with reading fluency
    • Three levels of game play for independent learning
    • Bilingual edition features English/Spanish toggle switch on every page
    • Stories come to life with interactive animations and music
    • Reports for parents to track their children’s progress

    See what parents and teachers are saying about our program:

    "Thanks so very much for giving me access to your wonderful program! Now Lily, my 3-year old granddaughter, will have something productive and educational (and fun) to do with my iPad instead of taking pictures of herself by the millions and watching cartoons. And my search for a decent app for her is over!"
    -- Susan B, Washington Grandmother

    “Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc. is a breakthrough program that has the potential to transform public education, especially for English learners and students of poverty. Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc. uses mobile technology and vocabulary-rich literature to engage preschool students. It is the most exciting innovation I have seen in 47 years of service in public education."
    - - Dr. Barbara Nemko, Napa County Superintendent of Schools

    "Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc. is a delightful way for children to experience the beauty, enchantment and rich literature of books using technology. Behind the child friendly format are abundant resources for parents and teachers to use to gain insight into a child's cognitive development and language acquisition."
    - - Kim Floyd, California Teacher

    "My son wakes up in the morning asking to play with the e-books. I have easy-to-read reports that tell me he is ready for 2nd grade."
    - - Chris N., Chicago Parent

    "Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc. is a great educational piece. It is so well organized with lovely rhymes and illustrations. It has been a fun and easy way for my child to learn vocabulary while learning to read, especially since he is an ESL student."
    - - Louise T., Massachusetts Parent

    "My son has been using Footsteps2Brilliance, Inc. for over a week now and he loves it! His focus on the book, and particularly the games related to the book, is intense. He asks for the iPad and assures me it is only to use the "green and blue star app." He is even starting to tell people that he is reading. Thank you so much for sharing this wonderful program with us. It has been a huge hit in our home!"
    - - Tiffany M., Virginia Parent

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