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    Explore factors, multiples, greatest common factor, least common multiple and more through this easy to use visual representation. Created by a math teacher for use by students, teachers and anyone who wants to explore number properties. In addition to a lesson tool, this app can serve as a quick calculator for calculating GCF, LCM, multiples, factors and prime factorizations.

    Easy to use: simply tap a number to see its factors and multiples. Tapping a second number shows the information about both numbers, including the common factors and multiples. In addition to a visual representation, a detailed numerical representation with prime factorization can also be easily viewed from the main toolbar.

    This app is designed for exploration lessons where students are given the opportunity to explore different number properties. The possibilities for lesson topics is endless and spans all levels, from elementary level counting through college level abstract algebra.

    Lessons where this could be used include:
    - learning about factoring, prime numbers and prime factorizations
    - exploring multiples, common multiples (including least common multiple) and common factors (including greatest common factor/divisor)
    - finding patterns in number of factors, frequency of common multiples, and much more!
    - proving and testing abstract algebra theories, including ring theory and Euclid's algorithm

    This app is still evolving and we would love to hear your feedback and ideas. Our goal is to make this the most useful for you and your students. Feel free to contact us at:

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    Note: This app is currently not optimized for tablets. Tablet updates coming soon.

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