File Academy Learning Center




    The File Academy Learning Center is a FREE resource for using technology for learning. It consists of video tutorials, subject area content, reviews/recommendations of Apps for education and an Blog concerning the latest in instructional technology.

    New content will be added periodically, but as a start we are offering 20 different Geometry videos to tutor secondary and post-secondary students to be successful in their Geometry/Math classes.

    Subjects covered included:
    -Inductive & Deductive Reasoning
    -Angle Relationships
    -Finding the nth term
    -Triangle Congruence
    -Interior & Exterior Angles of Polygons
    -Kites & Trapezoids
    -Special Parallelograms
    -Quadrilateral Family Tree
    -Trig Functions in Right Triangles
    -Sectors, Segments & Annulus
    -3D Figures
    -Composite Areas
    -Sphere, Cylinders & Cones
    -Prisms & Pyramids

    Hours of how-to videos explained in an easy-to-understand format.

    Plus, contact information so our Math and other content area Experts can answer your every question.

    Also presently included are study guides for Texas based secondary students on the upcoming state End-of-Course exams and apps reviews.

    This is a must-have resource for students, teachers & parents.