Fill the Gap Tablet

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    Kids never get bored with Smudge on hand!

    ★★★★ I was pleased to see that Fill the Gap goes beyond taking away a letter at a time from the words. It’s great to see an app that focuses on the vowel combinations and consonant blends. Knowing the difference between “ar” and “er” at the end of a word can also be tricky, even for me as an adult. I liked the content this app covered and the way it’s been delivered. Well done! - REVIEW

    ★★★★ Excellent elementary spelling program. Wonderfully low price for such a thorough, well designed program. Fantastic for reviewing the more difficult two vowel words. My boys love it! We will be using this for many years to come! N&N's mom Mac App Store

    The fun way to improve kids ABC, alphabet, letters and spelling whilst keeping them amused for hours.

    Magmentis is proud to bring you Fill the Gap, the new version of this popular software already used by several hundred thousand children in schools all over the world (and by more than the 30% of primary schools just in the UK) to improve pupils' ABC and spelling skills.

    Start the game to cheerful music and a bright, colorful menu screen with different spelling exercises. Don't forget cute Smudge the Spaniel sitting fidgetting in the corner, waiting to take your kids into his task of helping them with elementary spelling.

    Kids will take joy in helping smudge find misssing letters in words spoken to them by a professionally recorded lady's voice.

    When exercises are answered correctly, smudge performs playground animations on swings, roundabouts etc to amuse.

    Whenever you wish, you may go to the colorful Smudge Marks screen where Smudge has recorded right and wrong answers so you may help your kids practice more with words they have difficulty spelling.

    Kids never get bored helping Smudge. Learning first words and common spelling mistakes by using Fill the Gap has been proven in schools all over the world for nearly 20 years.

    Developed with active support from educational experts and with a proven track record in schools across the globe, FILL THE GAP is suitable for native English speakers and also for children learning English as a foreign language, thanks to the support of text, graphics and sounds that appeal to a global audience of learners.

    This new version of FILL THE GAP features:

    ★ 8 exercises and 3 levels of complexity, to adapt to all learners' needs
    ★ More than 150 words to work with
    ★ New graphics and animations - learning is easier when enjoyable whilst not detracting from core educational concepts
    ★ A new interface to give the best user experience on any device