First Teacher

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    First Teacher is an application for teaching pre-school children a new language, or someone who is longing to pick up an additional language. As we know, learning begins right when we learn the alphabet. You will be able to see letter and hear the correct pronunciation of it. To make it fun and easy, we have created images to go along with the letters. This sparks the child's interest to concentrate and learn.

    We are more colorized! Now you can select one from 4 background themes for yourself.
    Yes, we know that it is impossible to create alphabet that can be the best for you or for your child, that is why now we create an ability for you to Create your own alphabets with own images, words and pronunciation. We are sure that voice of someone from your family can be much better for your child!

    We are dedicated to new versions of the app! Of course with each update, you will see new alphabets, courses, as well as other interesting features!

    We really appreciate your feedback and your reviews!

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