Flowers By Tinytapps




    Flowers by Tinytapps

    Flowers are a great topic for preschool or early science. Everyone loves a flower for its bright colors and sweet smell, but flowers have a very important job, too.

    Why do Preschool Kids and toddlers need to learn Flowers?

    Well, young children are naturally curious and constantly exploring the world around them. Flowers by Tinytapps provides the opportunity for children to extend this natural curiosity and building of theories.

    From these learning experiences, children can develop a greater appreciation and understanding of the natural world.

    These skills and ways of thinking are important to many areas of learning throughout life. It

    • Builds self-confidence and confidence in their environment.

    • Develops basic concepts.

    • Increases observation skills.

    • Stimulates their curiosity for exploration and discovery while increasing basic
    • Develops language through increased vocabulary.

    Flowers by Tinytapps introduces kids to names of flowers; its colors and uses. Besides the content, the beautiful color schemes, animations and ease of use are the highlights of this app.

    Preschool Consultant – SAJEDA JAMAL