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    The Fredericksburg Battle App is the perfect touring partner for your exploration of the Fredericksburg battlefield. Our GPS-enabled touring application will guide you through four detailed tours that cover the entire Civil War battlefield - from the initial fight for the town to the Union attack on Prospect Hill to the bloody repulses at the Sunken Road. Click on our various "virtual signs" to access accounts of the great events at the location where you are standing. Onboard historian videos, audio accounts of soldiers and civilians from the battle, animated maps, photos, order of battle, chronologies and key facts and more are just a click away. Our detailed maps allow you to locate just where certain Union and Confederate units were during different phases of the battle. Never has so much valuable historical information been made available in such a portable device.

    The Fredericksburg Battle App is the second offering in our expanding Battle App lineup. With this latest Battle App you will also find the following enhancements:

    * Four different guided tours that will take you to every corner of the battlefield
    * Animated maps that will show you how the various attacks unfolded
    * The ability to either download or stream all the tour videos and audio
    * Four detailed maps of the key regions of the battlefield
    * The ability to show troop locations based on different phases of the battle
    * Expanded information on parking and other tour logistics

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