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    Whether you’re buying, selling or renting your home,the FULL "It's Not Mold Until It's Tested" app for Android is packed with all the information you need, regarding mold, inspections, air quality testing and mold removal. This app is an easy-to-use guide, written by a professional—experienced and educated—mold inspector, who's able to dispel common myths about mold.

    We all encounter mold problems at one point or another in our lives. Though it's not likely discussed over dinner, it's a common problem in many households in Ottawa, Montreal, Gatineau, and worldwide. Unless we all decide to become certified mold inspectors and removal experts, we likely won't have a clue as to how to deal with mold safely and properly.

    Fortunately, this mold book app will prepare you for dealing with mold problems, both big and small.

    Not sure if you have mold? Need help finding a professional mold remediation company? Want to know how mold grows and what you can do to prevent it? What are the health effects of mold exposure? Find the answers to all of these questions and more in this complete mold handbook

    Like the preview app, the full version includes incredibly useful information but even more of it. Downloading the full mold book app, you'll have access to the following:

    - An insider’s look at mold remediation
    - Interesting mold facts
    - Mold removal and prevention tips
    - Information about mold removal equipment
    - True stories
    - Information about marijuana grow ops
    - Links to resources and helpful mold websites
    - Mold-related humour

    Get the complete version of our mold book app today to better educate yourself about mold. Begin a happier and healthier life!

    While reading, you'll find "mold" is spelled as "mold" and "mould". You may wonder how this can be and which one is correct. Wonder no more, because Mold Busters can explain. Visit our YouTube channel if you're curious!

    Mold or Mould (
    Don't be surprised if you see the word "mold" spelled two different ways: Either like this, M-O-L-D, or like this, M-O-U-L-D. The way you spell it is most likely dependent on where you live, and even dates back centuries to how words were pronounced since the 15th century. If you live in the United States, you'll find that words that typically were spelled with "ou" are shortened to just "o". This would apply to words like color, flavor, honor, harbor and so on. The "Americanized" versions of those words all drop the "u". Places that have heavy British influence, such as the United Kingdom, Singapore, etc. would most likely use the "ou" spellings of words, including the word "mould". Now in places like Canada, which has both British influence and yet proximity to the United States, you're likely to find both spellings of the word used. No matter how you spell it though, mold is problem. Here and around the world!

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