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    This Higher French GCSE revision app has been created to get up to speed with your GCSE vocabulary and grammar revision, specifically covered by Edexcel, OCR and AQA GCSE exam boards to ensure that you know your stuff to get up to an A* grade. There are over 1000 multiple choice questions for you to test yourself with, written by a qualified GCSE teacher in the subject who provides you with an explanation to each question whether you get it wrong or right.
    Monitor your progress, post your results on Facebook and Twitter and challenge friends to see if they can do better. These revision apps are designed to ensure that you have a good grounding in the grammar and language that you will need in your Higher French GCSE exams.

    We have also included past papers from all three exam boards to make this the most complete revision app for GCSE French Higher.

    Key Revision Topics covered:

    Health, Relationships and Sport
    Recognise and use a variety of the necessary vocabulary and grammar to express opinions on healthy and unhealthy lifestyles and their consequences; relationships with family and friends; thoughts for the future such as marriage and partnerships; discuss hobbies and interests, sporting events and lifestyle

    Leisure & Entertainment
    Recognise and use a variety of the necessary vocabulary and grammar to discuss your free time, plans, preferences and experiences; talk about what you do when you are getting around, socialising, special occasions and festivals as well as your opinions on TV, films, music, shopping, money, fashion, trends and technology

    Travel & Tourism
    Recognise and use the necessary vocabulary and grammar to discuss in detail how to travel, about experiences of holidays and exchanges – including the weather, accommodation, food, drink and cultural differences

    Media & Culture
    Recognise and use the necessary vocabulary and grammar to describe and discuss music, film, reading and books, fashion, celebrities, religion, blogs and the internet

    Home & Environment
    Recognise and use the necessary vocabulary and grammar to describe your home and the local area, what your local region is like; to talk about life at home, facilities nearby and how you get around; to give opinions and discuss the current problems facing the planet and how to be environmentally friendly.

    Education & Work
    Recognise and use the necessary vocabulary and grammar to describe your school, college and future plans as well as pressures and problems; to talk about current jobs, work experience/part-time jobs, school life, future study and jobs abroad

    Key Grammar covered:
    Verbs - regular and irregular, reflexive, negative forms, interrogative forms, impersonal verbs (‘il faut’), verbs followed by an infinitive and prepositions; Tenses - the present tense, the perfect tense, the imperfect tense, the pluperfect tense, the conditional tense with ‘vouloir’, ‘aimer’ and ‘pouvoir’, the immediate future tense, the future tense the imperative; Articles - definite, indefinite and partitive; The use of the negative; Adverbs - comparative and superlative including ‘mieux’ and ‘le mieux’, regular, interrogative, of place and time; Noun agreements; Question words; Adjectives - agreements and position, possessive, demonstrative (‘ce’, ‘cette’), comparative and superlative including ‘meilleur’ and ‘pire’, indefinite; Dates and time - including ‘depuis’ plus the present and imperfect tense; Pronouns - personal, reflexive, relative (‘qui’ and ‘que’), emphatic, demonstrative, indefinite, interrogative, the use of ‘y’ and ‘en’, object: direct and indirect; Quantifiers and intensifiers (‘assez’, ‘beaucoup’, ‘peu’ etc.); Conjunctions
    Recognising: The passive voice in the present, future, imperfect and perfect tenses; Using ‘dont’; Demonstrative and possessive pronouns (‘celui’ and ‘le mien’); The subjunctive mood in the present tense and commonly used expressions

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