GCSE Maths Algebra

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    This handy revision app teaches you everything you need to know about Algebra for GCSE Maths. Produced by Haslam and Hall Publishing, a leading educational publisher in the UK.

    * Includes Foundation and Higher levels.
    * Revise key facts about Algebra.
    * Take Quick Quizzes and try to beat your saved best score.
    * 200 multiple choice questions with full worked solutions.
    * No internet connection needed once installed.
    * Suitable for all exam boards (AQA, Edexcel, OCR).

    * Basic Algebra
    * Equations
    * Formulae
    * Simultaneous Equations
    * Factorising Quadratics
    * Solving Quadratics
    * Inequalities
    * Sequences
    * Trial and Improvement
    * Coordinates and Graphs
    * Real-life Graphs
    * Graph Transformations
    * Graphs You Should Know
    * Direct and Inverse Proportion

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