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    This application is used to obtain the main dimensions of spur and helical gears.
    This is the full version and does not have any restrictions.
    Besides the individual calculation, to calculate systems 2 and 3 gears.

    Input data:
    - Number of teeth.
    - Normal Module.
    - Pressure angle.
    - Helix angle. (For helical gears).
    - Number of teeth measured.
    - Correction of tooth profile.
    - Correction toothed head.

    - Module apparent or tangential. (For helical gears).
    - Axial module. (For helical gears).
    - Modulo base.
    - Step normal diametral
    - Step diametrical apparent or tangential. (For helical gears).
    - Step usual.
    - Step apparent or tangential. (For helical gears).
    - Step axial. (For helical gears).
    - Step regular basis.
    - Step apparent basis or tangential. (For helical gears).
    - Addendum.
    - Dedendum.
    - Tooth depth.
    - Pitch diameter.
    - Fixed pitch diameter.
    - Outer diameter.
    - OD corrected.
    - Diameter base.
    - Diameter background.
    - Diameter background corrected.
    - Normal tooth thickness.
    - Normal tooth thickness corrected.
    - Apparent thickness or tangential tooth. (For helical gears).
    - Apparent thickness or tooth tangential corrected. (For helical gears).
    - Radio maximum foot.
    - Usable sidewall height.
    - Distance between "k" teeth.
    - Distance between "k" teeth corrected.
    - Wheelbase for 2 or 3 gears.
    - Wheelbase corrected for 2 or 3 gears.

    - Unlimited number of teeth and modules.
    - Notice when you are not using a standard module.
    - Notice when scour will occur on the teeth.
    - Indication of the profile correction factor necessary to avoid undermining if not wanting to change the number of teeth.
    - Possibility to export the results to a file.
    - Graphical Explanation of the most important parameters.
    - 7 languages​​: English, Spanish, Chinese, French, German, Japanese and Russian.
    - Simple interface.

    For any questions or improves contact in the email that appears in the application.

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