German Grammar Course

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    A grammar book is too boring and doesn't give you enough feedback?
    Then have a look at this program.

    Based on list views topics of German grammar are shown.
    You must proceed the lessons sequentially like in a course.

    Course Mode:
    At the beginning no lesson in the lesson list is available, but this will change during the course of the game when you unlock more and more tasks.
    If you have successfully completed tasks according to difficulty, you can choose new lessons that you want to work on. During the course you will get a growing range of tasks and topics.
    Using statistical analysis, you can then do your worst or most recent tasks again to improve your results.

    You can immediately apply in practice, what you have read and you'll get feedback instantly. In all tasks German phrases are used. There are currently over 2000 sentences(20-60 for each task) for the exercises available. If you do not know a word in your language, translations are available from a database.

    At the moment the interface and all lessons are translated to
    * German
    * English
    * Spanish (beta)
    * French (beta) and
    * Russian (beta).

    Furthermore you can choose the exercise translation language and these are:
    * French, English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, Arabic, Turkish, Persian,
    Romanian, Hungarian, Greek, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Korean, Swedish,
    Portuguese, Danish, Hindi, Norwegian, Slovak, Vietnamese, Chinese, Japanese,
    Bulgarian,Catalan,Estonian,Hebrew, Indonesian,Latvian,Lithuanian,Malay,
    Hmong Daw,Thai,Ukrainian,Urdu
    (Translations are generated and could be not totally right)

    Topics include:
    - use of articles
    - formation of nouns
    - declensions (nominative, genitive, dative, accusative)
    - pronouns
    - verbs
    - tenses
    - adjectives/adverbs
    - prepositions
    - sentence structure
    - subjunctive
    - passive
    - negations

    Depending on the lesson, you have to
    * Find errors
    * Set right words
    * Set or find word endings
    * Form phrases from existing words correctly
    * Push words in correct positions in the sentence
    (over 150 different tasks in the above groups with a total of 300 tasks)

    Differences between:
    Free-to-chose Mode | Course-Mode | Lessens
    German Grammar Learning | yes | yes | 75
    German Grammar Course | no | yes | 75
    German Grammar Course Free | no | yes | 16

    If you want to have more examples in a task or you find errors, please write an email to Feedback would be great.

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