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    The German Tutor vocabulary builder uses sophisticated adaptive algorithms that teach you more efficiently than a human tutor can. The user interface is a very simple multiple choice flashcard design and its goal is to neither frustrate nor bore you. It does this by quickly adapting to your particular strength, progress and attention at the moment. Words need to be presented with just the right frequency to reinforce your memory. The power of the Tutor engine therefore becomes apparent over time. You should therefore not judge it until you have used it for 10 minutes at least. Try GRE Tutor or one of our other free vocabulary builders if you want to first experience how well it works. If you give it a reasonable try and are not happy with it, let me know and I will happily refund your purchase.

    The most important words will tend to be presented first because, well, they're important. Tutor will quickly zero in on the most important words for *you* to learn at each moment. It may seem too easy or too hard at first but just keep going and you will see that German Tutor will quickly find the right balance that maximizes your learning regardless of your current knowledge, ability, and state of mind at the moment.

    Note that it is important to make mistakes because no learning can happen without them. When you get words wrong, German Tutor is also learning about you and what you most need to learn at every moment and will bring missed words back more frequently. That is a good thing because you want troublesome words to come back frequently enough for you to easily get them right. Therefore try not to feel disappointed when you get a word wrong. Instead, mentally pat yourself on the back because this is where the learning happens. Remember, this is not a test! It is a safe opportunity to take chances and improve your instant recognition of the words that will greatly improve your command of the German language.

    German Tutor is best used during short periods while waiting for a bus, class, etc. It includes a very high quality vocabulary containing nearly 2,800 carefully chosen basic words in the German language making it perfect for vocab test prep, travel prep, or simply building up your German vocabulary.

    NOTE: Please do not leave bad reviews if you find errors in the content. Instead, please report them via the feedback link at the bottom of the Menu > About screen and I will fix them. The incorrect button choices are taken from the definitions of similar words. It is possible to see a wrong choice that is confusingly close to the correct choice. I have tried hard to eliminate these possibilities, but German Tutor contains a huge vocabulary set, so it is impossible to anticipate all possible combinations. This is an important issue, so if you suspect such a problem, please report the word and the incorrect choice.

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