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    Published: 2014-01-28, by Leo.

    Get Smart Mind Hacking is a RSS reader which brings together inspiring blogs for lifestyle hacking

    • Great compilation of sources
    • Inspiring
    • Good idea
    • Design
    • Navigation

    "Inspiring ideas"

    Don't let boredom and routine get you stuck. The Internet is full of inspiring ideas to improve your lifestyle, and this app has brought some of them together.

    From fast-learning to work management passing through memory tricks.Get Smart Mind Hacking app is nothing but a compilation of blogs with inspiring ideas to keep your mind fit All those sources are constantly up-to-date via RSS.

    Users can read all those interesting articles from the app (no need to launch the browser) and share them at any time.

    There are app to 9 sources including Work Smarter Not Harder, Road To Greatness and Memory Keys. The selection is great and that's what will keep you coming back and check the app again and again.

    The app falls short in design though. It should be enhanced to offer a better-looking and more intuitive interface. A more visual layout and swiping controls for navigation would make it more sticky.

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    by Leo , Appszoom

    Jan 28, 2014


    Get Smart!

    Some of the best blogs and sites on the web dealing with thinking better, tweaking your mind, and how your brain really works.

    Cal Newport's Study Hacks. Brain Rules by John Medina. Mind Hacks and Mnemotechnics. The Playful Brain by Scott Kim and Richard Restak. Daniel Coyle's The Talent Code. Fluent in 3 Months by Benny (Brendan) Lewis. And Discover Magazine's Mind and Brain feed.

    All compiled here for your convenience in one app. KISS simple interface, full content of the RSS feeds.

    Stay tuned for updates with more sites. Let us know if you have any you'd like to recommend we add.

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