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    DOWNLOAD  $15.00



    Sharp PC 1500 and Tandy TRS 80 PC 2 emulator + CE 150 printer tape extension + RAM modules.

    - printer fully emulated in color.
    - tapes supported (basic, data, binary files) for load and save, use normal CSAVE, CLOAD, PRINT# INPUT# basic commands.
    - tools to convert BIN files to .tap file given on web site
    - memory modules : from 2KB upto 26KB of user ram.
    - speed from x1 upto x40 (even for loading tapes)

    When display shows at start 'NEW 0 CHECK ?' press CL key, type NEW 0 then press ENTER key to initialize memory.

    See for more help.

    - no sound

    On S5 devices, long press the right hardware button to get the menu.

    Tags: gopc1500 , go1500 , go1500 emeulator

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