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    A scientific calculator based on the classic HP 41.

    For a special tablet edition look for go41cxt

    Don't forget to get the manual (pdf file) at

    On Android 4.4 device, import/export directory is now /Android/data/o2s.emul.hp41cx/files/... instead of /go41cx/...
    On S5 devices, long press the right hardware button to get the menu.

    - import bug from kitkat corrected

    - state file save now modules
    - new lib#4

    - new skin
    - forth 8K module support (only in CV mode, not supported on CX)
    - lib#4 from A. Martin support
    - lcd lowercase display (roms are patched)
    - all import/export now use '/go41cx/...' directory instead of '/Download' on your sdcard (usually '/mnt/sdcard/'), export again all your files to recreate it.
    - haptic feedback added (activate it in your device).
    - short manual to explain all the behaviour (see at ).
    - new basic skin (like the first release).
    - some interface changes (new really hard reset).
    - partial card reader support (only hp67 emulation functions, no hardware, see
    v1.4.0 upgrade: change of state file format, EXPORT your raws and xmem before upgrade if possible (MEMORY LOST at start).

    Sound added, inline help (tap left of display), text overlays working again (use with 'black_o' graphics overlay or 'opt001' skin), ADV printer working (tap right of display), Config with _o.txt overlay files (tap middle of display).

    Full HP 41 CX/CV emulator:

    - Full memory and X memory.

    - Timer functionnal, but accuracy not well tested (AF is not emulated).

    - Manage states, overlays, raw prgms, xmem, ...

    - Automatic save and load of state.

    - Download modules, raws, from internet, then use 'import'.

    - Use MOD modules, RAW programs format.

    - You can put modules, raws, overlays, xmems, states in 'Download' directory of your SD card.

    - 'ON' only active on 'longtouch' to avoid mistakes.

    - Master clear supported (use 'press back' menu when calculator is off then press 'ON', then press 'back' to release it).

    - Speed greater than 1 are not patched for 'PAUSE' ...

    - Hepax support up to 4 * 8KW modules

    - Top status line for Stack, Alpha ... display (tap on it to change it).

    Avoid checking 'force gpu rendering' in developer option in android 4.x prefs, this leads to graphic problems.

    Emulator loosely based on Non-Pareil from Eric Smith, font by Luiz C. Vieira.

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