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    Feature-rich, powerful, the most easy-to-use Graphing Calculator App for Android. In addition to functions, this Graphing Calculator is capable of graphing parametric equations and point sets using the Cartesian or polar coordinate systems.Furthermore, calculating x-intercepts, intersections, symbolic derivatives, definite integral, area, arc length, and curve fitting through a set of points, can all be easily performed by using this calculator as described below.

    NOTE: To graph the expression in focus press the ‘graph’ button. To graph one or more selected expressions simultaneously, press the ‘Graph’ (capitalized) button.

    This truly integrated Scientific/Graphing Calculator features graphing capabilities offered by no other graphing calculators and its advanced, user-friendly interface makes graphing and calculations as intuitive as possible.

    • Calculate all the x-intercepts of the graph of a function on an interval with a single click.

    • Calculate the points of intersection of the graphs of two functions.

    • Calculate symbolic derivatives of functions and parametric equations and graph them.

    • Calculate definite integral, area under (or enclosed by) the graphs of functions (or parametric curves) and arc length in both the Cartesian and polar cases.

    • It is the only Graphing Calculator capable of finding and graphing the polynomial of the least degree passing through a set of points. In addition, you can use this Scientific Calculator to find and graph the best line (linear regression line) that fits a set of points according to Gauss' Least Squares Criteria.

    Other Features

    • This Scientific Calculator is also capable of calculating complex numbers in standard, polar or any other forms.

    • The Calculator can display a table of values for functions and parametric equations even with complex expressions.

    • The Calculator can display the result in scientific, engineering and fixed point notations.

    • Calculate relevant expressions in degrees or radians mode.

    • Apart from standard functions, this Graphing Calculator is equipped with Γ and Ψ functions.

    •The Calculator also comes with an easy-to-use units converter (Time, Mass, Length, Velocity, and many more), and list of constants from various fields of sciences which can be used in your calculations.

    3. Available functions

    • Basic algebraic operations
    • Power functions, x^r and E(x)
    • Trigonometric functions and their inverses
    • Hyperbolic functions and their inverses
    • Exponential, e^x and exp(x), and logarithmic functions
    • Factorial, the Gamma, Γ, and Psi, Ψ, functions
    •Absolute value and step functions, round, floor, ceil

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