Graphs Made Easy Math ebook

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    Following basic graphs and their elementary transformations must be prepared exhaustively for their graphical interpretations:

    rational functions
    polynomial functions
    Trigonometric and inverse trigonometric functions

    exponential and logarithmic graphs
    absolute value functions
    maximum and minimum functions
    multivalued functions

    greatest integer functions
    graphs of coordinate geometry

    The primary purpose of the book is to provide a convenient source of reference to those people who are appearing for engineering entrance examinations One has to refer a good number of books to understand the basics of graphs but this book will surely reduce the number of books that each of them needs to perform his job. This book has been designed for convenience.

    In JEE Maths syllabus, graphs are not explicitly mentioned but For last 15-20 years questions based on graphs are being asked in IIT JEE question papers

    We have tried our level best to present the graphs in easier way and good number of problems based on basic graphs and inequalities are discussed and solved in the book. All types of transformations are also covered up.

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