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    The Griffith MBA app gives you up-to-date business tips and ideas based on Griffith
    University Business School’s progressive set of values: responsible leadership,
    sustainable business practices and global orientation with an Asia-Pacific focus. This
    app connects you to the Griffith MBA through regular updates, invitations to events and
    social media. The Griffith MBA app is available to everyone.

    Key Features:
    • Business management tips and ideas* – regularly updated and ready to inspire
    you to think deeply about how you do business
    • Updates from the MBA Director about the Griffith MBA program, current research,
    industry insights and general food for thought
    • Upcoming events – for prospective, current and alumni MBA students, as well as
    industry professionals
    • Details on the Griffith MBA program and courses – find out if our program aligns
    with your interests and business requirements
    • Links to social media, including an active Griffith MBA for Life Linkedin Group,
    Griffith Business School Facebook and the MBA Director’s Twitter feed.

    The Griffith MBA app allows you to plug into the Griffith MBA and our contemporary
    values, our research and our practical tips, which we hope to share with as many people
    as we can. Our values are embedded in all that we do and ensure that anyone who
    engages with us is equipped for business and leadership in the 21 st century. We want to
    help as many individuals as possible learn how to run a progressive, forward-thinking
    organisation with a focus on responsible, sustainable and global solutions.

    At Griffith, we don’t believe the latest thinking should only be available to those signed
    up to study with us; we think our MBA is an MBA for life.

    *Tips and ideas are also searchable by category (value), tag and keyword, for ease of

    Griffith University is located in Brisbane and the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia.
    The Griffith MBA program is available at the South Bank and Gold Coast campuses.
    From 2014, the Griffith MBA will be available for flexible study on campus and/or online
    (including fully online). Learn more about the Griffith MBA.

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