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    Like the name of the expansion suggests, the primary addition that Seasons brings is...seasons. Specifically, weather and in-game events that correspond to different yearly seasons; in winter, for instance, snow falls, water freezes, and your sims can make snowmen. Certain seasons are more conducive to certain types of behavior than others; for instance, sims tend to be more amorous in summer.

    You can manually change the current season in your neighborhood whenever you like. The season changes are heralded by new graphical weather effects, such as stormy weather and falling snow, that look quite good and change the look of your sims' neighborhood all year round. Many of the new seasonal activities are actually very useful, since they can fulfill your sims' personal needs (or "motives") for both social interaction and fun, and a good snowball fight also helps them build relationships with one another. Since much of The Sims 2's gameplay revolves around taking care of your little computer people's various motives of eating, sleeping, and going to the potty, these new features should be appealing to anyone who has found the series' micromanagement aspect a bit frustrating.

    The same can be said of Seasons' new group items and its new agrarian gameplay. Seasons lets your sims become farmers and plant crops in the field; well-tended and watered plants eventually bear fruit (or vegetables) that can be sold at market or converted into a variety of juice drinks that can supercharge your sims, fulfilling their hunger and energy needs as well as letting them create goofier formulas like love potions. The expansion also lets you turn any nearby bodies of water into fishing holes, and it has a variety of fish and bait that your sims can use--again, while standing around with other sims, chatting away and building relationships while they wait for a fish to bite. Once caught, fish can either be mounted on a wall as a decoration or cooked up to provide powerful hunger bonuses.

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