Holy Bible Part II

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    Holy Bible Part II

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    If the Holy Bible is the most powerful book on earth, why do we have other religions? If this book was as powerful as its follower's says that it is, why would there be other books from other religions like Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism.

    I was listening to something the other day and the church leader stated that the Holy Bible is the most powerful book on earth and that it's actually the living word of God. If this is true, is there more than one God? Is the Bible the most powerful book on earth for this one particular God but there's other gods that have other religious textbooks or is this the universal, almighty, living word of the creator of the universe?

    This particular religious leader made this statement like it was a fact and that all the other religions in the world weren't true. If there is one thing that I know for sure, and it's that most people who believe in Christianity seem to share the same beliefs as Hindus and Muslims do.

    Some of these religions believe that their religious books are the most powerful books on earth and often share the same beliefs as Christians do. Have you ever stop to wonder, which one of these religions, if any is actually right?

    If the Holy Bible is the most powerful book on earth, how will we ever know for sure? Church leaders whose lives are financed by their followers will often find it very difficult to admit the truth. The Holy Bible might not have been a book that was actually written or inspired by God, but could have easily been written by a small group of men whose individual books got selected by a committee of men to form a book, that created Christianity.

    The next time that someone tells you that the Holy Bible is the written word of God or was inspired by God, you should ask for some type of evidence from them to support their claims. This shouldn't be very difficult, especially if the Bible truly is the most powerful book on earth