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Hot Air Balloon Pilot

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    To Fly Up up and Away in your Beautiful Balloon, you're going to have to take an FAA checkride (Private or Commercial). This means an Oral Exam by an FAA Inspector or Designated Examiner.

    Please note that updating and harmonizing the content to ACS standards is an ongoing process as the FAA fine tunes and further clarifies ACS for more practical tests and aircraft types. RideReady users are always welcome to get the latest and greatest content updates for this app FREE!

    Don't worry! Our RideReady software, written by Bill Hughes, an ex-FAA Designated Examiner and veteran balloon pilot will help you pass that oral with ease.. even those tricky "Instructing" questions for Commercial Pilots!

    You can be studying for your checkride oral in minutes - just download the demo below! It includes free lifetime updates so you can study now and use it as a refresher tool later.

    RideReady features more questions than oral exam prep booklets thus helping you be more prepared for a wide variety of realistic questions. Additionally, RideReady's content is also more illustrated and our explanations more detailed to really help you understand the material.

    Our RideReady app can offer you speed, power, availability, and flexibility that no book or DVD can. For example, you can tell RideReady which aircraft you fly (from a list of common training aircraft) and RideReady will ask you questions on its systems and operations - just like a real examiner will. Remember: while books are out of date from the moment they're printed, updates are FREE FOR LIFE, meaning that you can get the most up to date quickly and easily through the built-in update mechanism.

    Because this app contains a large question bank, it is also useful not just for checkride applicants, but also for certified pilots who can use it as a lookup and refresher tool. This software will prepare you for BOTH the Private and Commercial Hot Air Balloon Chekrides.

    Please note that after downloading this app, the app will need to check for updated data from our servers.

    RideReady is the smart pilot's secret to checkride success!


    * Realistic Checkride Questions - Hundreds of realistic memory, analysis, and scenario type questions taken from practical test exit interviews, key FAA documents, and the combined experience of our editorial team of pilot examiners and flight instructors.
    * Unlimited Study and Practice - At your own pace, on your own schedule
    * Free Lifetime Updates. Get acquainted with the material weeks or months before your checkride, study hard in the days leading up to it, and then brush up years afterwards.
    * Hundreds of Charts and Figures - Illustrate key points and help you learn
    * Current and valid for right now - As soon as you purchase and install this app, use the built-in update feature to get the latest and greatest content that we offer in mere moments. We regularly update the content to keep up with changes in practical test standards, FAA emphasis areas, and aviation technology.
    * Thousands of Success Stories - Every year, thousands of pilots use RideReady to learn or brush up the material to make them confident and ready to pass their FAA checkrides. We invite you to be next!

    Make sure you are looking at the right app for you!

    * This is FAA Practical Test (checkride oral exam) preparation for HOT AIR BALLOON PILOTS (both future PRIVATE PILOT and COMMERCIAL PILOT Hot Air Balloon Pilots).
    * This is NOT FAA written (knowledge) test prep. If you want FAA written (knowledge) test preparation, check out our GroundSchool FAA line of products. Many pilots buy both RideReady and our GroundSchool-FAA apps as they work well together.
    * Again, this title is for HOT AIR BALLOON PILOTS ONLY.

    Thank you for checking out RideReady!

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