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    Published: 2014-01-28, by Leo.

    How to read thoughts gives you some tips about human gestures understanding

    • Detailed info
    • Different body parts
    • Lots of gestures
    • Design
    • It should include sources and references

    "It's all gestures"

    Body movements tell you things if you know how to read them. Now you can learn it with this simple guide.

    "How to read thoughts" features different body parts (arms, legs, hands, a look, a smile...) and select the most common gestures human beings do. For example, hands crossed, embracing oneself, the American four, fingers clasped together, etc.

    It gives a detailed explanation of what all that body tics mean, according to the experts.

    That's a great way to know better what the interlocutor is thinking, even when he's trying not to say it. Above all, that's information which is the keystone of communication.

    The premise is simple and powerful. However, the app's interface should be enhanced. How? Basically making it easier navigating through categories. Now it's kind of tricky enter and going back constantly.

    Besides, an interesting app.

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    by Lionel , Appszoom

    Jan 28, 2014


    People exchange information by means of words, i.e. verbally, and by body movements, such as looks, mimics, gestures, and poses, i.e. via non-verbal signals. Researchers proved that the bulk of information we obtain is from non-verbal sources, and only a small amount comes from the words of the interlocutor. However, many just don't know what certain gestures mean and therefore non-verbal information remains closed for them.

    But now everyone has a chance to learn to read other people's thoughts! You can:
    - learn whether the interlocutor is telling you a lie;
    - learn to deal better with representatives of the opposite gender;
    - determine motives of the man's behavior;
    - find out his current emotional condition;
    - check your better half's faithfulness;
    - create your own positive image and … skillfully deceive others.

    This attachment will teach you to read the language of gestures, mimics, poses and much more. All these methods are effectively used at interrogations of special services and the FBI, in monitoring people and in many other cases. Now you have a chance of lifting the curtain of secrecy and learning the mysteries hidden behind it!

    Download this attachment and learn to read other people's thoughts.

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