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    This English application is absolutely Free!
    You will not find any better English Application than this anywhere.
    We offer . . .
    - Real English Vocabulary (over 20 days)
    - Video Lesson
    - Over 8 Lessons
    - MES Conjugation System
    - Vocabulary book with Flash card Type
    - You can test yourself "speaking","grammar"and "Vocabulary"
    more . . .

    Reasons why you must learn to Speak English! It will improve your life.
    - That’s right. Some say the most valuable commodity is information,
    and you can access valuable information on the internet.
    - Make more money than non-English speakers. Learning English will enrich your life.
    - America is still a leader in IT innovation and economic development. English is used in America and in each of these fields.
    - English is the language of science and it’s very important. To move up in science you need to know how to speak English.
    - English is also the language of the movie Industry and it means you don’t have to rely on subtitles to watch all the blockbusters.
    - Speaking English immediately opens up many doors and opportunities regardless of your race, religion, color, or background.
    - Impress others around you whenever you speak English.

    However most foreigners feel embarrassed to talk in English because of the following reasons . . .
    - fear of making mistakes
    - not knowing what to say and how to say
    - not comfortable with a native speaker

    So how do you speak English fluently like a native speakers with no fear and be confident?
    You must practice speaking, speaking, and speaking!

    The most effective way of speaking Fluent English is . . .
    - know many practical vocabulary and tenses
    - practice speaking with native speakers
    - practice speaking English word phrases
    - practice speaking using slangs and expressions

    Hear it, Learn it, Speak it
    Our English lessons provide the most effective language-learning program ever developed. The lessons gives you quick command of English structure without tedious, boring drills.
    All our lessons will develop your English speaking skills immediately so you can put your English to use when abroad or dealing with English-speakers everywhere!
    With our lessons you get:
    - The flexibility to learn anytime, anywhere
    - 20-minute lessons designed to optimize the amount of language you can learn in one sitting.
    - Within each lessons new vocabulary is presented in flashcard style. This allows you to learn the meaning of any unfamiliar words quickly and easily with the help of handy English translations.
    - The lessons focuses on real life situations - from asking about jobs and what they do, hobbies, interests, and about a person, about how they feel and about the conditions of others - are those that are most practical communication.
    - These lessons featuring practical vocabulary, practice speaking, workbook, and Test.
    - The conjugation system - the best system out there for anyone who must know in order to speak English fluently and confidently.
    - Interactive Audio lessons to help you perfect your pronunciation and teach spoken language organically

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