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    Safari Animals for Kids Launched!

    “Decades of research have documented that play has a crucial role in the optimal growth, learning, and development of children from infancy through adolescence.”- American Academy of Pediatrics

    Wouldn’t it be great if there was a game designed to help your kids learn everything about animals and get them accustomed to their sounds in the most interactive of ways??We just made your wish come true. Presenting to you ‘I Know My Animals’, the perfect solution to help your kids and the little baby to learn about the animals and their sounds. Our belief is that through play kids learn about themselves and their surroundings. Our mission is to make learning a fun filled interactive experience for your kids and our aim is to strike the right balance between education and fun. Your baby will love playing I Know My Animals while you can easily relax, knowing your baby is learning while having great fun.


    I Know My Animals is an interactive educational application that teaches kids to play while recognizing animals and their sounds. Once your children are accustomed to the sounds, you can test their learning through a fun quiz and cheer them for every correct answer. The first version comes with a set of 8 farm animals in an interactive farm setting waiting for your kids to tap and explore the world of learning and then test it through a quiz. To help your baby learn more about animals, the worlds of ‘Safari’ and ‘Water’ are coming soon. So tap, explore, play and educate your kids because it’s time to know your animals!

    1. A super easy interface designed especially for kids under 4 years.
    2. High quality visuals and sounds to keep your baby engaged.
    3. An interactive quiz to test your kids learning.
    4. Flash cards displaying image and information about the animals.
    5. Human voice for Animal Names.
    6. Real sound of the animal.
    7. On touch listen to sounds again.
    8. Optimized for both phones and tablets.
    9. Social Media integration.
    10. Background Music: Plays interactive farm sound when app is running.


    1. Listening and communication
    2. Curiosity and discovery
    3. Thinking and problem solving
    4. General knowledge
    5. Learning through interactivity
    6. Social development of kids

    Hence, learning animals and their sounds could never have been more fun for your kids. So let your kids immerse into this experience where they can relate animals to their sounds in the most interesting of ways.

    We love to hear what you think about our app and tell us whether we have made a difference to your baby’s learning. Please rate our app and give your comments about it.

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